God took Caleb Hyers, a simple worship pastor, on an adventure of a lifetime. In one year, Caleb travelled to five different countries, got married, went on two honeymoons, was given a free car, paid off a credit card, and paid all of his bills - all while going without any income. He lives and thrives in this place called Dependenceville and invites you up to this city on a hill.

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Caleb is an Elijah List Contributor and a Worship Pastor at GrowLife Church.

“I want to introduce you to a place. I want to introduce you to a way of life, a way of more than existing and surviving but a way to thrive. I want to introduce you to a city called “Dependenceville.” There are those who already take up residence here and call it home but I would like to speak to those who have yet to step inside the city limits. I would like to speak to those who have yet to see such a place as possible. I would also like to speak to everyone who has heard of this place as dangerous and uninhabitable. Those who have been told by others that to hope for such a place is foolishness at best.

I am not speaking of a far off utopian society where there is nothing wrong and nobody gets hurt. I am speaking of a very tangible reality where free people dwell in harmony and holy conflict. A place where there is a realization of one’s total dependence upon God. This is a place where the people are true believers in The Word. Jesus said, “Apart from me you can do nothing.” ( John 15:5 )

You might have heard this is a desolate land where the foolish go to languish for the sake of being seen as “hyper-spiritual.” A place for those who want to be viewed as “Holy” by their family and friends living in “true comfort” on the other side. I am here to tell you there is no true peace, there is no true joy and there is nothing like being in the arms of true provision like this. Even the desolate lands become waterways and the fruitless gardens blossom with unexpected diversity and delight.

When the children of the King let their voices cry out from the depths of their broken and desolate dwellings, they see the one who has defeated death and the grave coming to their rescue. They see the Father of all creation forcing back the cold winds, bringing clouds for shade and laying new foundations under their feet. They gaze upon His majesty as their dirty and broken down homes become palaces of laughter and beauty. They praise His name as he cleans house, and moves excellence back into the neighborhood. All the while they do not forget where they were and how far He has brought them. They remember their need of Him and watch as their existence becomes a home, a safe haven, a beacon of light for all men.

This is Dependenceville.”