“Caleb Hyers is a young man that my husband Georgian and I met just over one year ago. In such a short amount of time he has already joined us on four different international mission trips. Not only is he musically talented but a gift of writing seems to flow from within. Lyrics, poetry, stories, songs and now this book. Maybe he is older than he looks!

In order to speak or write one needs to become a good listener, and it’s obvious that Caleb has been listening to the Holy Spirit. For that quality, besides a host of many others, we are coming along side him.

We applaud him for his thinking, his reasoning and ability to come to some kind of a conclusion. I believe this will continue for the rest of his life on this earth. As he communicates the Gospel in all its simplicity he will propel the message forward to those generations that are yet to be born. To grasp the grace of God at any age is monumental, so we are more than delighted that Caleb and his wife Jamaris are running in this grace course with all the affections of their heart and obvious child like faith! We cheer you on and look forward to many other lyrical offerings from you.”

- Winnie CoCo Banov

Cofounder Global Celebration & GSSM

Reviews & Endoresments

“I normally tell anyone who writes a book, “congratulations.” Everyone talks about writing a book but only a few ever attempt the task. So, “congratulations.” But I have to go further, by far. First, I want to state that this is an excellent book and is worth the read. I have known Caleb for most of this journey and as you read of his personal accounts, you realize that he is not writing about theory or ideas. He is writing about a life lived for God and under God’s leadership. Caleb has lived what he writes about. What He says, is backed by what He does.

This is not a religious book, it is an encountering God manual. I heartily endorse Caleb as a man of God, man of integrity and one who lives what he preaches before he preaches it. I also heartily endorse Living in Dependenceville as a manual for Son’s of God, to learn how to follow the True Son, the Only Begotten Son.

This is a book that everyone should read. But watch out, it will shake your complacency and could threaten your comfort zones. It could change your life.”

- Richard Mull

Operation Light Force & Bread of Life USA

God Speaks Bible, Jesus Training Manual, 40 Day Revolution

“I’ve always thought individualism is one of the hardest things for us to overcome. Jesus came with a message imploring us to trust him, to rely on him with our entire being but the struggle remains. The framework of our perception of God is often tainted by tragic experiences and we are left believing that we are the only ones safe to trust. Caleb Hyers challenges that twisted web by inviting us to enter, Dependenceville.

It’s a town with a system committed to unraveling the lies keeping us from leaning on God with all of our hearts. Caleb shows us that it’s not only safe to place our hearts in the hands of God, but that it’s a requirement to experience the abundant LIFE Jesus came to bring. So enter the city limits and discover the joy that comes when we confidently place all of our needs, and wants, into the hands of God. “

- Jesse Birkey

Life Resurrected, Extraordinary Miracles through Ordinary People

“I’ve had the honor of reading many books and endorsing some of them. However, this is not your fly-by-night read. “Living In Dependenceville” is an epic read on the beauty and bliss of walking in intimacy with the All Sufficient One. It unlocks our minds to

be able to see beyond the veil of performance religiosity and gaze right into the heart of a gracious and loving Father.

You’re not going to want to put it down and may have a hard time remaining hinged to the familiar. In fact, I hope you experience what I experienced when reading it.”

- John Garcia Jr., PhD.

Legacy Church Tampa